The healthcare sector presents many challenges.

Working closely with experienced healthcare professionals and their ’πShape Monitor’, Trinity uses their know-how as well as our own research, observation, design creation and product development to find and implement new solutions.

Trinity’s healthcare research case study

Revealing tacit knowledge and creating appropriate products and services
Pioneer Corporation healthcare workshop

Aiming to apply the various technologies they had developed to their healthcare products, our clients worked with medical organizations and interviewed several doctors. However, despite their efforts, they found it difficult to use the data they had gathered to create specific new products. For this project, we set up a group of people from Social Care Design organized by Trinity and used their ’πShape Monitor’ with the aim of creating a business model. Thanks to the methods we applied, we were able to get a better grasp of the issues at hand and to find new solutions in a short period of time. As a result, we came up with realistic product and service ideas.

Revealing tacit knowledge and creating appropriate products and services

With the aim of contributing to society through design, Trinity organized ‘social care design’ activities. Thanks to our extended network in the healthcare sector, we were able to find solutions and overcome any problems, while at the same time designing new products and services.

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