Focusing on culture and customs to anticipate differences in economic growth.

Particular attention must be paid to global trends in addition to the characteristics of target areas, especially for emerging markets, where change occurs at a fast pace. Trinity supports clients’ overseas expansion by focusing on emerging markets (especially China and India). Our highly detailed research and dedicated follow-up will give you invaluable insight into target areas and enable you to develop future strategies.

Trinity’s emerging markets research case studies

Analysis of middle-class values in India

Our predictions rely on macro and microeconomic data as well as on a thorough investigation into the local culture, customs and habits. In a context of global economy, the values and preferences of India’s middle-class have changed drastically. And yet, some values remain the same. We focused on the factors that brought about change. Our local research and ethnographic surveys and our workshop activities enabled us to paint a picture of present-day India and to forecast the changes likely to affect future markets.

Analysis of middle-class values in India

Observation of housing conditions in Indonesia

For this project, we visited middle-class residential houses, took a close look at housing conditions and conducted in-depth research in Indonesia. We interviewed individual households and asked them about their food, clothing and housing situation. We learned about their values and expectations and compiled the information into a report that could be used for future product development.

Observation of housing conditions in Indonesia

Client support from headquarters to local branches

Trinity Co. Ltd. Thailand liaison office

Trinity Co. Ltd. Thailand’s liaison office was created in 2015 and is located inside the offices of FIF Design Studio, a well-established local design firm. Our offices in Thailand enable us to deliver precise information in line with the local market, design context and local trends. Our services include market research, design research, design development, and CMF development – aspects that are all essential if you’re looking to expand your business into South East Asia and the ASEAN region.

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