Our publications and seminars focus on the importance of design.

We make it our mission to spread the knowledge that we, at Trinity, have acquired through our network of designers and researchers. Exchanging knowledge and having stimulating discussions will help us shape tomorrow’s society together.

Trinity’s publication case study

A groundbreaking book based on foreign countries that focuses on the importance of design.Published by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP)

‘Design Research Method 10’ was published in 2009 and a revised edition was published in 2015.
The book seeks to define ‘design research’ by presenting international design research case studies (IDEO, AMO, Tangerine) and interviews. The book promoted the importance of design, which had seldom been acknowledged in Japan until then.

Design Research Method 10

Design Research Method 10

Trinity’s seminar case study

Learn about the latest trends (as well as future trends) in design and design innovation

We have conducted several seminars and lectures, such as the ‘Salone del Mobile’s design trend seminar’, ‘The values and tastes in design of India’s next generation (Generation Y)’, and ‘Taste and ambiance in China’ per the request of such clients as Nikkei BP, Nikkei Design and educational or governmental institutions.

World Design Trend Seminar (hosted by Nikkei BP and Nikkei Design)

The lifestyle and perception of quality of the middle-class in emerging countries, India edition (sponsored by JIDA)