Any new business development should relate to the market as well as to customers.

Our aim here was to use existing products and technologies as well as brand assets to expand businesses into new markets. Trinity began by facilitating the creation of a start-up within the company, organizing their existing technologies with the technology department, and sought to expand it thanks to a customer survey. We conducted research with users and experts and verified every little detail to finally create a business plan and to establish a brand.

Trinity’s new business development case

Set up a new B2C business with the use of existing B2B technology
Creating a business plan to establish a brand that will last for 100 years

This was a project for a B2B company whose objective was to support their clients’ innovations. Their services in electronics manufacturing of advanced technology covered a wide range of fields, from consumer goods to large industrial vehicles and aeronautics. Hoping to strengthen their services and to develop their own identity, the company sought to venture into B2C services. Trinity worked with engineering schools to organize the client’s existing technologies. At the same time, we tried out different business models to determine the areas in which to expand and how profitable those potential areas might be.