Design will have significant impact if it is
included in the overall strategy.

As design becomes increasingly significant, companies must make sure to integrate it into their set-up as well as their overall strategy. Design should pervade their brand strategy, and should be in line with the companies’ goals and methods. Furthermore, human resources should also take into account the importance of having a design team. Trinity provides continuous support, from the creation of a design concept and philosophy to the development of a branding strategy, and also assists with human resources, based on their expert understanding of the challenges that companies face.

What is the definition of Trinity’s design management?

Trinity defines design management as creating relationships between people and the objects around them. Design management does not mean making a specific decision on the actual shape or CMF of certain products. Research must be carried out to define product planning and development as well as the company’s communication about that product. Design must then be integrated into the organization’s activities and used as a tool to improve corporate values. Design management may also lead to innovation and to the creation of a new business model. Trinity provides complete support for the strategic use of design resources.