We connect companies and products with
people and their feelings.

How should you announce a new product or a news item to the world?
Trinity defines communication strategies not as a one-way message designed to sell a product but as a means to create a relationship with customers.
For overseas design exhibitions and trade shows (such as Salone del Mobile) and other promotional events in Japan, we always focus on an approach that deeply connects with target customers. For that matter, we conduct communication research for the intended customer segment and interview event participants for their feedback as they leave. We then use this information for future events.

Trinity’s communication strategy case study

International exhibition support

Trinity organizes international exhibitions and trade fairs that present and promote the design field. Over the past ten years, we have worked with the Salone del Mobile and the Fuori Salone (an exhibition hall outside of the city). With the help of local experts, we devised a plan and selected a place for the exhibition. We advised our clients on the contents of the exhibition, managed the construction on site, and provided operational and PR support according to our clients’ objectives and budget. In addition, we asked visitors for their feedback upon exiting the venue, especially about the cost-effectiveness of the exhibition and we then used this data for future events. Recently, we also began supporting the Premiere Vision exhibition held in Paris, France.

What is Salone del Mobile?

Salone del Mobile is a world-renowned design exhibition that is held once a year in Milan. Its history can be traced back to an exhibition of Italian furniture industry back in 1961. Nowadays, the exhibition focuses on interior design as well as on vehicles and fashion, and promotes the importance of design and brand image in a variety of fields. Since 2000, the number of Japanese brands (which includes such prestigious brands as Lexus) participating in the exhibition has increased and the exhibition is now established as a key annual event for the Japanese design industry.