Creating a new face following a change in perception:
that is how Trinity defines branding.

Companies and brand products find meaning in their interactions with their customers and environment. This enables them to develop a long-lasting relationship with the market. Trinity’s work does not focus on the aesthetic aspects of corporate or visual identity. Instead we focus on the relationship between companies (and their products) and society.

Trinity’s branding case study

Creating a new face for an established brand
Daiichi Engei Co., Ltd. case

Floral Industry, a well-established flower arrangement company, was established during the Meiji era and promptly became a reference in flower arrangement. As their shop in the Isetan Department Store was undergoing renovation, the company sought to revamp their brand. Working with the company’s illustrious background and powerful image, we came up with an innovative design that took into account existing design trends as well as Isetan’s customer segment. We began the project by conducting interviews, focusing on the brand’s image and products, and asking customers about their expectations and preferences. Based on the results we gathered, we created a new line of colorful flower arrangements that related to modern design trends and we were thereby able to maintain the traditional customer base while also attracting a new clientele.

Creating a new face for an established brand