We began working overseas and building our network with a project for managing the Japanese side of a design graduate school,
Domus Academy, in Milan, Italy. At that time, our company’s name was Tremani (which means ‘three hands’ in Italian).
Later, our team grew to incorporate more Western designers and researchers who enabled us to connect with more professionals in design and research.
In 2003, we renamed our company as Trinity Co., Ltd – a name that refers to the Holy Trinity.
This name was meant to symbolize our role as mediators between the strategy of a company, the customers and the field of design. In recent years, our projects in emerging markets have increased steadily.
From 2005 onwards, we worked on many projects in the ASEAN region and in Brazil that brought much success to our clients.
We now promote our work together. Trinity’s offices include Trinity Strategy India (2010) in Deli, India, and Trinity Thailand (2015) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Nowadays, we are focusing on strengthening our expertise in emerging market.