• ‘Mobile application design research’ – Precision equipment manufacturer
  • ‘Research on the youth in Europe, China and India (Generation Y)’
    – Information equipment manufacturer
  • ‘Research into the values and tastes of the nouveau riche in Europe and China’
    - Vehicle manufacturer
  • ‘Research on how specific car models are perceived in North America’ – Vehicle manufacturer
  • ‘Brand image & design research between developed countries and emerging markets’
    – Vehicle manufacturer
  • ‘Research into how Japanese food is perceived in Western countries’ – Food manufacturer
  • ‘Latest case study research on China and UI’ – Precisions equipment manufacturer

Product design

  • ‘Office equipment development for future generations’ – Precision equipment manufacturer
    Appointed designer: Valerio Sommella (Italy)
  • ‘Sanitary ceramics design development’ – Sanitary ceramics manufacturer
    Designer:Stefano Giovannoni (Italy)
  • ‘Collaborative mobile development’ – Mobile carrier company (see link)
    Appointed Brand: Conran Studio (U.K.), Emilio Pucchi (Italy), Kate Spade (U.S.),
    Marimekko (Finland), Vivienne Westwood (U.K.)
  • ‘CMF development for Europe’ – Vehicle manufacturer
    Appointed designer: Onami Design (Italy)
  • ‘Camera UI development’ – Precision equipment manufacturer
    Appointed designer: Tangerine (U.K.)


  • ‘Mobile portal design workshop for the next generation’ – Mobile portal manufacturer
  • ‘Support workshop for brand and design strategy’ – Mobile carrier company
  • ‘Workshop for the comparison of values with local youth in two emerging countries’
    – Several clients
  • Publication: ‘Design Research Method 10’ (Nikkei Business Publication, Inc. 2009)
  • Lecture: ‘The values and tastes in design of India’s youth’ – Nikkei Business Seminar
  • Lecture: ‘Salone del Mobile: Latest report on design’ – Nikkei Design Seminar
  • Lecture: ‘Seminar on the middle-class in Indonesia’ – JAFCA


  • ‘Joint study meeting for different industries’ – Consumer electronics and vehicle manufacturers
  • ‘Organizing the Salone del Mobile exhibition’ – Vehicle manufacturer,
    consumer electronics manufacturer, sanitary ceramics manufacturer,
    mobile phone carrier company, acoustic manufacturer, furniture manufacturer,
    optical equipment manufacturer and other companies (2003 – present)